Community First Responders (CFR's) are local people, who volunteer to respond to emergency ambulance calls within the local area. 

Equipment carried by responders
When a suitable 999 call is received by SECAmb's Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in Crawley, responders are dispatched by a dedicated desk at the same time as an ambulance resource. Responders are often able to administer treatment several minutes before help would otherwise arrive. This is particularly important in the case of sudden cardiac arrest, as a patient's chances of survival decrease by 10% for each minute without defibrillation being administered. For this reason, the scheme has also set up, and continues to maintain, several of the public access defibrillators within the local area.

All responders are comprehensively trained by South East Coast Ambulance Service, and carry a range of equipment. This includes a defibrillator, oxygen, and observation equipment.  

Although volunteers core expenses are reimbursed from the ambulance service, the scheme does not receive any regular funding. Thanks to the generosity of local people and businesses, we have been able to raise the funds to purchase equipment and uniform for more responders, as well as set up more public access defibrillator sites. Donations enable us to continue our vital, life saving work.

CFR's respond in their own vehicles, and use magnetic signs to help identify them. In addition, all Fleet & Church Crookham CFR's are uniformed and carry a SECAmb ID card. The only requirements to be a CFR are that you must be over 18, own a car (with at least one year's driving experience), have a reasonable level of physical fitness, and be able to satisfy an enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check.

Defibrillator data from a Fleet responder, of a heart being restored to a normal rhythm

For more information, please email us.

Please be aware that we are not recruiting for more responders at this time (December 2021)